Discography Nathanael Taekema (drums)

As a drummer, Nathanael has been privileged to be able to work on a number of projects ranging from heavy metal to flamenco. The bulk of his work to date has been in partnership with acclaimed acoustic guitarist Thomas Zwijsen. He co-composied/arranged multiple songs with Zwijsen on his 5 albums, ‘Nylon Maiden‘ (comprised of Iron Maiden arrangements on acoustic guitar), ‘Nylonized‘ (a selection of arrangements and original compositions), ‘Nylon Maiden II‘, double-album ‘Preserved in Time‘ and ‘Nylon Metal‘. A full length album of exclusively original music, titled “Divide & Unite” was released in 2015 (see “Unite” and “Doom” videos below).

Nathanael also played for of one of the best-established Progressive Rock groups in the Netherlands, Cirrha Niva, from early 2013 to 2015, helping compose songs and playing all drums for their 2016 album “Out Of The Freakshow,“- watch the video of the single “I Guess” below.

From 2019, he will be helping write and record drum parts for Skaldic Folk Metal band Alvenrad‘s upcoming album, as well as appearing with them Live on stage in support of Heidevolk.

These projects have afforded Nathanael the opportunity to feature alongside a few of his musical heroes such as Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, KISS), Kee Marcello (Europe), Devon Graves (Psychotic Waltz) and Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden).

Nylon Maiden (Thomas Zwijsen, 2013)
Nylonized (Thomas Zwijsen, 2014)
Nylon Maiden II (Thomas Zwijsen, 2015)
Divide & Unite (Thomas Zwijsen, 2015)
Treasure Island (E.P. – Thomas Zwijsen, 2015)
Out Of The Freakshow, (Cirrha Niva, 2016)
Preserved in Time (Double album – Thomas Zwijsen, 2016)
• Nylon Metal (Thomas Zwijsen, 2018)